Making an egyptian fan

At Fan Association of North America (FANA) 2003 assemblage, in Savannah (GA - USA), the audience was charmed by the wonderful craftman, nice guy and Fan lover Willie Evans, from California. In front of Fana members he re-created several "Egyptian" fans.


Just before showing these photos for the first time, we had the bad new that Willie Evans had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had a surgery in August 2003 to remove the tumor, and began a post surgery treatment end of August.

As Willie said (according to Sandy Lawrence from FANA) "This was another bump in the road." We asked then our visitors to let him know they were thinking about him, as we did ! I was happy to write in november 03 that I had received an email from W. Evans saying not only that he was recovering, but also that he had "new ideas for fun fans".

Alas, Willie Evans died on December 15th 2003. He died peacefully and was surrounded by loved ones. All his "fan friends" cherish his memory.

We remember you, Willie !


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